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My News Diet

My favorite newspapers are the New York Times and Le Monde. I
try to stay updated as much as possible but I will be the first to admit that my
news diet needs to improve significantly. I also rely on conversations with
friends, facebook statuses, and my Iphone applications for news updates.

I do enjoy entertainment news but I don’t watch it because I do not have cable. I watch Chelsea Lately sometimes. However,  if I am going to get information I would rather just go directly to newspaper sources. I do think that entertainment news can be beneficial when combined with other news sources as it will help you to gather not only the facts but also commentary to add to your knowledge.

One of my favorite news memories was last May when Strauss-Kahn
got arrested for sexually assaulting a maid in New York. Strauss-Kahn is
French, and at that time I was living in France with a French family. To be
able to watch their news and listen to their opinions, while at the same time
reading American news sources was so interesting because of the major differences in perspectives.

That is one of the amazing things I appreciate about having the news online, because I can research and jump from site to site, or article to article, in order to establish my own opinion.

So it is one of my goals this year to not only increase my appetite
for American news, like NPR and the New York Times but also international news, like Le Monde and the EU observer.

I think reading the news at least 20 minutes each day this semester will help me not only in my online journalism class, but also in classes such as comparative foreign policy. It will also help me in having intellectual conversations with not only my peers, but also professors and administrators.


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