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Three Multimedia Stories

Here are 3 examples of articles found in the Denver Post, the New York Times, and the Lone Tree Voice. They provide good and bad examples of multimedia journalism.

1)     New York Times: Storm’s Push North Leaves Punishing Inland Floods

This is a great example of multimedia journalism because it
covers every aspect of hurricane Irene. It gives people a chance to upload
their own pictures and blog about their own personal experiences, while at the
same time presenting the facts of the hurricane. The site includes an
interactive map, a video newscast, as well as links to opinion pages. The site
contains something for every kind of audience, making it very productive. I
found it extremely helpful, at times overwhelming but I liked the fact that I
could read/watch/listen to the information I wanted to know.

2)     The Denver Post: Complete Broncos Coverage

This is a good example of multimedia journalism because you
can find everything about the Broncos with a simple click of the mouse. You can even participate in discussion and there is a place for fans to upload
pictures. This is a fan friendly page where you can find photos and personal
articles, but at the same time you can find statistics without having to dig
through unnecessary information. I found it very easy to navigate and I liked
that I found all my information at one source.

3)   The Lone Tree Voice:  Plaintiffs argue against removing injunction blocking DCSD vouchers

This is a bad example of a multimedia story, not a horrible
example, just not as in depth as the other articles above. This article does
not have a video, or even a picture. They do link to other sites of similar
articles or stories. It also allows you to tweet about the article or like it
on facebook. However, the original article itself is simply text.  It was very easy to read, and a very
interesting topic, it just simply did not have various multimedia tools needed
to make it a good example of multimedia journalism.

Other thoughts…

I think it is very helpful when journalism is paired with
multimedia tools because the articles expand their breadth of knowledge by including
all information. It also allows for every kind of learner to benefit from the
news. Not all people work best when reading and instead, they benefit from
watching a video.

I also found that all of the articles usually had a link to
other similar articles or a button to tweet about the article or like it on
facebook. However, these simple uses of multimedia do not set it apart from
other articles. I believe that in order to have an impressive use of multimedia
journalism, an article needs videos, photos, interactive tools, etc. in order
to provide a successful experience for the reader.


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