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Photojournalism Critique

This week for photojournalism we had to critique 2 classmates on their assignments from last week. I thought it was a hard assignment because it is hard to critique but I really liked having the opportunity to look at other classmates’ blogs and their flicker sets. So here are my critiques….

Megan your pictures are fantastic! They really capture human emotion very well, especially the fun and amusing facial expressions of children. I thought you used the rule of thirds really well, which made pictures like “Bobbing for Apples, “Happy Dancer” and “Studying Hard” really pleasing to the eye. I really liked the black and white aspect of “Studying Hard.” It was just a really clear shot.  The captions were great, simple yet professional. The color in all your shots is great. The sports shot was very clear and focused. I really thought you utilized creativity well in all of your shots. I loved “Monkeying Around” because of the perfect silly family moment caught on camera. I thought “Defense” turned out well because there were no distractions. One critique would be that you didn’t mention anyone’s names inside your captions, which is fine for children, but I think with adults you probably should mention their name.  I agree that you just always have to have a camera with you. I really think you took awesome pictures.

Peter, I really liked your pictures as well! My favorite was “An Absorbing Read” because I liked the trees around the subject making a frame around him. I thought you caught a lot of human expression, especially in “Hail to the Bus Driver” and “Campus Disc Golf.” The sports photo came out clear and crisp, it would have been cool to have seen the Frisbee somewhere in the shot, but overall I thought it was a good picture. I thought you shot a lot of different subjects which was cool to see, and also it optimizes your opportunities for creativity shooting. I liked the creative angle in “Study Break.” Even though you didn’t use it in your top 5, I thought the angle was cool. I thought the lighting in “Spare Time” wasn’t the best, but you adjusted in order to get the shot you wanted. Your captions were great. I also thought it was awkward to take pictures of people I didn’t know, and then go up and ask them for their name. But you have everyone’s names so that is great! I thought your captions were professional and clear. Overall I thought you did a great job.


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