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UW Noises

This week I opened not only my eyes, but my ears for the sounds of UW.

1) Band: This is a clip of the band playing in the parade before the football players walked into the stadium. I liked it because you can tell which instruments are walking by because of the strongest sounds. I recorded this sound before the UW football game last Saturday. I thought this would go great in a story about the UW football team, the pre-game activities or a story about the Western Thunder Marching Band.

2) W-Y-O: This is a clip of the fans cheering at the UW football game vs. Nebraska last Saturday. I was at the game, in the stands so I could really capture the sounds of the rowdy student section. I thought this would be a great audio clip for a story about how to game went, or the support that the UW fans showed for their team.

3) Brushing Teeth: This is a clip of one of my sorority sisters brushing her teeth. We were in the bathroom and I was looking for inside noises when I thought, “hey! I will just record you brushing your teeth!” She laughed and let me do it. I thought this would be a creative way to write a story about living in a sorority house, or living in a college house with roommates. I thought of the line we always say in recruitment; “Pick the chapter that you can see yourself brushing your teeth next to those sisters.”

4) Typing: This is a clip from inside an office. I was in the admissions office where I work when I took this recording. I thought it could be useful for any story about an office, whether that is the UW Admissions office or any type of business.

5) Read Aloud: This is a clip of my roommate reading a Dr. Seuss book as she prepares for her lesson plan in her education class. I was just in our room as she was practicing, so I decided it would be fun to record her. I thought it could be useful on any story about teachers, or a story about the College of Education here at UW.

6) Cowboys: This is another clip from the UW football game this past weekend. This cowboys cheer is a well-known cheer and I thought it was a great way to capture the spirit of the UW fans. This clip could be used for a story about the “Ragtime Cowboy Joe” song, or about the atmosphere at the UW game.


Comments on: "UW Noises" (1)

  1. Good ambient noise and very creative story ideas!

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