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Interviewing Ashlee

I really liked this project! It was so funny to interview Ashlee! We have so much fun together, so getting a clip that didn’t have us laughing or making sarcastic comments was really difficult. But I had a blast! It was weird holding the microphone audio recorder up to her mouth. I thought it felt kind of impersonal. (Which I didn’t like). I would much rather just put it on the table or next to us while we talked, but it just didn’t pick up the sound as well. It was weird being the one interviewing too. I think because I had a microphone up to my mouth I don’t come across as genuine as I could have been.

   I learned about things I should do in the future and I learned about things I won’t do in the future. I need to write down the questions I want to ask even if I have them in my head. I just got really nervous and then I added words to my original questions, which in turn made the question not make sense. So next time I will write down the questions, even if I have rehearsed them before the interview. I learned that interviewing people is cool because you get to find out new information, no matter how well you know the person. Ashlee told some great stories, with details I didn’t know before I interviewed her.

I also really enjoyed working with the audio recorder and sitting there coming up with questions in order to find out interesting information about Ashlee. I also really liked it because it was something new that I hadn’t done before. Last semester because I was studying abroad so everything was completely new. So it was really exciting to do something completely different, including learning about the audacity program and converting the wav files not mp3. All of that seemed really difficult before I started and now it is something completely manageable. So I am really enjoying learning about this new kind of journalism!


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