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Audio Interview Critiques

Megan Elliot:

I liked how personal it was. It was interesting to learn why Sara decorates her house so wildly for every holiday (or practically any holiday). She told very personal, funny stories that made you imagine that you were there with her family. I thought Megan did a great job of capturing why the holiday decorating is so important for Sara. There was one clip that wasn’t as clean as it could have been, but really other than that I thought it was a great audio clip. I didn’t think there was any background noise, so good job!

Andie Knous:

I liked how easy the audio story was to listen to. Jessica’s stories were engaging and entertaining, especially the story about the guy who got bucked off of his horse! Even when she laughed it was professional. I thought it was more personal that way and I really thought Andie did a great job in order to capture those moments.  I didn’t hear any kinks or weird noises in the background which was great! I thought all of Andie’s edits were clean. There is one point where Jessica maybe leaned away from the recorder and you can hear the voice a little farther away but it fixes almost immediatly. The clip kind of sounded like it was in a tunnel or something, but I thought Andie did a great job overall!

More thoughts…

Through listening to my classmates’ blogs I learned that people have interesting things to talk about! Everyone has a different background and learning about other people is really fascinating! I thought it was really cool that we got to capture people’s personalities on audio.

Personally, I learned so much about myself through this process. Through listening to my own interview (by Ashlee Oslund) I learned that I want to cut out my “ums”, etc. I also talked really, really fast, (probably because I was nervous!) So as an interviewee it really helped me to become a better interviewer. I think knowing how the interviewee feels will help me to empathize with the needs of my next interviewee. I also learned through interviewing Ashlee that it was better to prepare the questions in advance, this helps you and your interviewee. I am really excited for my next interview because I think I will be better prepared so I can do the project to my full potential.


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  1. I’m pleased to hear that being an interviewee has helped your interviewing skills! I’m looking forward to seeing your next project with Ashlee.

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