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Ashlee and I will be doing a soundslides group project about an event or program on campus within the next couple of weeks! Here are some of our ideas!

1)      Mike Dilbeck with Campuspeak: We would gather sound clips from his speech, as well as from the conversations that happen at the dinner before his speech.  This story is important because he talks about bystander behavior and leadership on campus, especially within the Greek community. Bystander behavior is a huge problem within this age group, therefore it would be interesting to get his perspective. Three possible sources could be Mike Dilbeck himself, Kate Steiner (Greek Life Coordinator), and Megan Haigler (President of the Panhellenic community).

2)      Story about Campus Activity Center and the events they put on: The campus activity center puts on events on Wednesday nights. This Wednesday night, October 19, 2011 from 8-10pm Kelly Taylor, a comedian, will be performing. This would be an important story because it is important for students to get involved on campus. It could be a great way to show support for the activities that our student fees go towards. We could interview Anna Rader, who works for the CAC, we could also collect sound clips from the Kelly Taylor as well as we could talk to the Aztec workers who handle the sound for these events. All of those people would give us a different perspective on the story.

3)      The new STOP violence project on campus: The STOP violence program is a new program this year that educates the University on how to end sexual and relationship violence on campus. Sexual violence is a huge problem on campus, and a majority of the time it is swept under the rug. So by doing this story we could help educate people on the project itself, while promoting safe sex and safe relations. We could talk to Jules Arthur, program coordinator, we could also talk to the Albany Safe Project to hear about other perspectives on healthy relationships, and we could also talk to the counseling center in order to provide information on the resources available on campus.


Comments on: "3 story ideas for our soundslides project!" (1)

  1. All three ideas are well thought out. Sources seem good. I would now consider how visually appealing these three stories are compared to one another. Does any story have an edge over another in terms of getting good photos that are interesting to viewers? In my view, I can see story idea #2 being the most visual story because it’s a public event with people attending. I’m unsure how story #1 will pan out in terms of visuals. You’ll have to get creative to capture that idea in an interesting way. Story #3 is a good story idea, but is there any STOP violence events taking place soon? How could you get a visual story out of that idea? Please consider these points while making your story decisions for the group and individual projects. Good luck!

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