Smiles and positivity are contagious…

For this SoundSlides project, Ashlee and I got to interview people about the UW Geological Museum. It was cool to be able to talk to people about this topic, especially Morgan Churchill, an employee of the museum. We learned a lot about the Geological Museum that I didn’t know before which was really interesting as well. We got to take pictures and audio record in order to create a SoundSlides project. I thought that was fascinating because we got to combine both our photography and audio recording skills.

Working with Ashlee is always fun! We had a great time coming up with questions, interviewing people and then working on the project afterwards as well. It was really funny when Morgan got up to show us his fossils because he was behind a desk so we couldn’t really move the recorder with him. We were nervous that the sound would be weird, but it turned out ok. It was also kind of difficult taking pictures of the museum just because there were a lot of distractions in the background. Interviewing Mary was also funny because the lawn mower in the background would not stop making noise the entire interview! But again it was just another obstacle we had to overcome.

SoundSlides was not my favorite program to work under. The picture editing was totally fine, but saving and exporting was really
difficult. I could not figure out how to access my project if I exited out of it because there were so many folders but each one of them opened a separate part of the project.I think using a new technology always has its ups and downs but in the end hopefully it worked out. It serves as a teaching lesson for the next project.

I would give myself a lot more time for my next project. It was kind of stressful having to pick an event and the times, and then edit the audio as well as photoshop. I would have preferred to have all of that done so that I could have worked in class on SoundSlides because then I could have asked questions. Next time I will hopefully leave myself more time. Overall it was a really fun and interesting experience, and it was pretty cool that we got to learn something new and different about UW.


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