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SoundSlides Critique

This week our class did SoundSlide projects. I critiqued three classmates’ projects and here they are:

Cody Hess and Patrick Pajak: 2011 Wyoming Cowgirl Volleyball Team:

  • Great job! I thought it was a very cool topic, and like you said in class it is awesome to give them some publicity. I liked the ambient noise a lot. I thought the cuts were smooth as well. I thought the voices flowed really well and it was nice to hear coaches and players perspectives. The photos did correspond to the audio. My only critique is that the pictures were a bit tinted yellow, but I thought you did a great job capturing action and passion.  I’m glad you shot pictures of the fans, players and coaches. I thought the pictures were diverse and you captured the action very well. I thought you captured emotion
    very well in your photos. I thought the end and beginning of the audio flowed really well and made a clear ending.  Great job!

John Czerwinski & Andrew Joannides: Cowboy Football Interview

  • Good job! I thought it was a very colorfu presentation and the idea was very creative. The voices were really clear, which made the project easy to understand and easy to listen to. I liked the picture of the guy and the water bottle. The color was very nice, especially in the new generation brown and gold pictures. Both guys speaking were very clear and very passionate about their topic so that was really great. I loved the picture with the three different types of helmets. You really captured diverse angles of the football team, which was cool.  The story did correspond to the pictures, which I think helped the flow tremendously. I thought the ending was nice; he ended on a nice quote. Really great job!

Zak Bolender & Justin Trygg: Wish Upon A Zombie:

  • Very cool! I really liked the story project and I thought the entire thing was very interesting to listen to. There was background noise during the first audio portion but it was recorded in a gym so I thought it was very clear for being in a gym. You could hear the wind in one of the audios but it still worked. It kind of portrays Laramie’s true nature, so I thought it fit. Anna’s part was very clear so I thought that was great! The running pictures were really awesome; I thought you captured a lot of expression.  I also thought you captured the different aspects of the zombie run very well. The pictures were wonderfully correlated with the audio. I thought the end was a bit abrupt but overall I think you did a great job! I thought the voices flowed really well and the story was told interestingly. Great job!

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