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STOP sexual violence!

This week I got to do an individual slideshow project and it was so fun! I interviewed Jules Arthur, who is the STOP violence program coordinator here on UW’s campus. She is leading a new program so she has only been here for three months. I thought it would be interesting to get to know her a little bit more, so when I heard that Panhellenic had invited her to speak I jumped at the opportunity to do my project on the STOP violence program. I also interviewd Megan Haigler, president of Panhellenic, the governing body of sororities on UW’s campus.

Taking the pictures and recording was interesting, but it really worked fine. I really enjoyed working by myself because I know that if I mess up something, it’s my own fault and I am affecting only myself. I think it relieved a little bit of the pressure for this assignment. It was also very easy to talk to Jules Arthur so that made the project go more smoothly as well. It is fun to work with a partner just because each person offers a different perspective, but I really enjoy working by myself as well.

It was really fun to capture the audio at the speech. Going back through the recordings later was a blast! I could hear people laughing in the background and it was just a really good audio clip in general. I enjoyed being able to put her interview and the pieces of her speech together. It was also really fun to get Megan’s perspective because she brought in Jules Arthur for the Panhellenic community event. Luckily, all of my background noises were minimal. So it was very clear to get their interviews.

Photography was a little bit more difficult for this assignment. The speech didn’t yield that many creative pictures, but I think with the attributed photos helped with the project. A lot of times, getting shots of a speaker is hard so I was excited with the few I got. I wish I would have been a little bit more creative with my photography.

I didn’t have as many struggles as I did with the last project. I am actually pretty pleased with how smooth the process went. I think after doing the audio and the photography a couple times now helped a lot. It is annoying to hear the audio that many times, but that is all a part of the process.

I would definitely take more pictures, and maybe I could have caught some girls after the speech to ask them why they thought the stop violence program is important. I think there were a couple of different angles I could have gone, and I wish I would have experimented a little bit more! But overall I am really pleased with the project, and I cannot wait to show Jules!


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