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This semester has been a whirlwind of new things!  I learned how to take better photos, learned how to use an audio recorder and I learned how to interview people. I had a really fun time in this class!

My favorite project this semester was the individual soundslides project; STOP sexual violence. I really loved editing the audio and putting it together with the pictures. I really loved how I intertwined music in with the audio interview. I thought it was really neat to be able to combine all of the things I have learned in this class into one project. One top of that, I really enjoyed getting to know Jules and the topic was fascinating!

I really learned a lot about how to combine photography, audio and reporting all into one form of media, which is an essential skill in the field of communications.  I am really grateful that I got a chance to experiment with html formatting and the dreamweaver program. I believe that I will use all of these skills in my future career.

I see myself doing public relations in the future but since I am an International Studies and French major I am hoping to do public relations for an international company or organization. I am thinking about traveling abroad next year teaching English or doing a mission trip, and I feel confident now that I could blog about my experiences because of this class. I also am more confident in my photography skills and I think this skill could really aid me in my travels, which will hopefully be a part of my future career.

I wish we had gotten more time to learn about HTML formatting, but that’s ok and I realize that there is a class where you learn more advanced website formatting skills. For the most part I have really enjoyed every skill I have learned in this class.

This class has proven to be a huge learning experience! I have really enjoyed all of the projects we have done the entire semester!


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  1. You are a fantastic student and it was a pleasure having you in class. I enjoyed your individual soundslides project very much and it was an important topic to cover as well. I’m sure you’ll succeed in whatever you do, and perhaps you’ll be better able to communicate your success using the skills you learned in this class! 🙂

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